A day on my bike…..

Posted: April 7, 2011 by mysnapshotsintimebykerry in Melbourne my city

Outside 608 St Kilda Rd

Was it sensible for me to leave my bike here for an hour or two? There seemed to be a crime scene of sorts, bike carcass (still locked to the bolard) & some striped knickers, it did make me wonder what had transpired here? I decided to go with it, and yes, luck was on my side & my bike was there when I returned……

William Barak bridge

My fair city is beautiful from any angle…

Along the Capital City trail detour
Collingwood childrens farm

Along the Merri Creek bike path, you never know what you might find…Hee-haw Hee-haw

Merri creek biketrail – slippery when wet?
Under the Clifton Hill rail bridge
Merri Creek bike path – near Clifton Hill rail bridge – look really closely – can you see a face?

Near Rushall station - Man waiting on bench

Still waiting


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