A day trip out to Healesville…..

Posted: May 21, 2011 by mysnapshotsintimebykerry in Melbourne my city

So lovely that everything is so green.........drive along lilydale to Healesville Road

Glorious sunset seen from Oakridge Winery

How blue is that sky?

The colours of Autumn, picture taken in S&H's front yard

I love white fluffy clouds against a gorgeously blue sky backdrop

  1. mysnapshotsintimebykerry says:

    OK, so the pictures are not in order, it would have been better if they worked cronologically from when we set out and ended with the sunset, but hey wordpress isnt as easy to maneuver as it looks, and uploading these took more then an hour – So I apologise if this irks you, but you will just have to deal 🙂

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